My Story

A small glimpse in time.

Hello, I'm Elena Ene and I'm currently searching for a job/ internship as a Programmer. I have many ideas that I'd like to bring to life, so for that I'm constantly learning new technologies I can use. My dream is to work in a multinational company along side open minded and creative colleagues with whom to share and exchange knowledge and create wonderful things together. Beside that, one of my greatest passions is languages and, as my home is now in Denmark, I'm striving to be fluent in danish. If you're interested in finding out more about me, just scroll down or download my CV.

Things I Can Do

Some of the most relevant skills I have.

  • JavaScript, JQuery
  • Umbraco, Drupal
  • Photoshop CS6
  • ASP.Net, C, Swift
  • SEO, SQL
  • Drink much coffee
  • Solve many puzzles

A Few Accomplishments

Here are a few projects I worked on during school and a few design ideas made into templates.

Sisters of Eve

Sisters of Eve

Worked together with my fiancee to design our company website. The design was implemented by Studio Panda using Wordpress and integrated with WooCommerce, Pensopay and Coolrunner.

Anime Quiz

Anime Quiz

Followed an Angular toturial to create my own version of a quiz.

ROG Live - Rollespilsforeningen Guldborgsund

Developed responsive website for RoG Live together with a colleague. Took interviews and pictures, recorded videos of gameplay, created personas, wireframes and moodboard, made timeplan. Worked with Scrum, Umbraco CMS, Javascript and XSLT to develop the website. Used Google maps and Facebook APIs to integrate events' location and keep them updated.

The Clean Ex

Redesigned website for The Clean Ex as an internship task. Created wireframes. Edited slideshow pictures in Photoshop. Used HTML5, CSS3, ASP.Net and C# to develop it.

Greenhouse - ZIBAT Internship

Created a prototype website for ZIBAT (Zealand Institute of Business and Technology) that allows students and companies to connect easily and share important information regarding internships. Created personas, wireframes and worked with Drupal CMS to develop the website.

Nearest Børnehave - Mobile app

Developed a mobile app as a school project together with 2 colleagues. Used JQuery Mobile, JavaScript and Geolocation API to implement searching for the nearest kindergartens.

Contact Me

If you wish to send me a message, you can use the form below. I'll be sure to answer as soon as possible.